2020 “Make me a movie”

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Nicolas Vannier

Nicolas Vannier

Nicolas Vannier is a French cinema and television producer. Alain and Danielle Vannier have been directing...

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Nicolas Vannier is a French cinema and television producer. Alain and Danielle Vannier have been directing the Orly Films company since 1962. A company dedicated to producing, distributing and internationally selling films directed by the best foreign and French screenwriters, from Claude Miller to François Truffaut, Claude Berri, Alain Corneau, Roman Polanski, Wong Kar Wai, Bertrand Blier, Claude Sautet... The eclectism of the catalogue is due to their curiosity and their appetite for encounters and friendship, which enabled Orly Films to be associated with films like “The little thief”, “Indochine” or “In the mood for love”... Lately, Nicolas Vannier has developed genre films such as “Le pharmacien de garde” by Jean Veber, or “Le ciel, les oiseaux et... ta mère !”, Djamel Bensalah’s first film starring Jamel Debbouze. These days he’s working on international television projects with “Ratcatcher” (USA) and “Crystal Clear Content” (UK).

Zita Carvalhosa

Zita Carvalhosa

founder and director of Sao Paulo International Sort Film Festival

Producer and Creative director of the Tela Digital Video Festival,...

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founder and director of Sao Paulo International Sort Film Festival

Producer and Creative director of the Tela Digital Video Festival, a competitive event for Brazilian shorts, integrating Internet and TV. She is also Chairman and producer of Superfilmes, an active film company since 1983. Working with independent Brazilian filmmakers produced shorts, feature films, documentaries and TV Series awarded in Brazil and abroad. Among them, Obra by Gregório Graziosi, Alice’s House by Chico Teixeira and the TV series O Povo Brasileiro (Brazilian People).

How was the MAKE ME A MOVIE (FAIS-MOI DU CINÉMA) selection born?

It all started a few years ago in a movie theater where I was two seats away from a young man with Tourette's syndrome. It is an invisible disability characterized by vocal tics.

Ten minutes after the film began, two guards entered the room and forced the young man out with force. It upset me so much that I also left the room to go home.

And it is for this reason, and to change the way people look at each other, that I asked some film schools to make their student directors work on the theme of invisible disability.

This particular selection proposes to these future young directors to consider this theme as one that can be included in cinematographic productions. Let them defend the idea that disability can be treated in all its forms in the cinema, that artists or technicians with disabilities can work in this field, that films and cinemas must be accessible to them.

Each year, a film personality will watch all the films in this selection and will award the prize to the film he considers to be best directed, taking into account the theme and the way it has been treated and filmed.

Katia Martin-Maresco, founder and director of FIFH



#No Filter by Rebecca Nakache / LISAA Animation & Video Games (France) 3’50 min

T’avais pas peur avant by Tommaso Usberti / FEMIS (France) 7’45 min

6ème Sens by Léna Raspaud / LISAA Animation & video games (France) 1’48 min

Mission : Pierre de Lune by Joshua McDonald & Jules Guiboust / ACFA Lyon (France) 5’55 min

Mirror by Meng-Ru Wu / Yunlin University (Taiwan) 5’25 min

Rappel by Grégoire Levoyet, Adrien Vinci & Aymeric Violland / ACFA (France) 1’53 min

Dans mon Monde by Sébastien Chauvel & Mathias Chaya / ACFA Paris (France) 6’00 min

Popasticho by Thomas D’Amico & Gabriel Sanchez / ACFA Montpellier (France) 5’46 min

Dialogue de sourds by Clément Maurin & Thomas Leblanc / ACFA Montpellier (France) 6’09 min

Persévérance by Paul Jeanjean & Devy Madinecouty / ACFA Montpellier (France) 3’55 min

Premier regard by Fabien Jaillette & Lucas Bertrand / ACFA Montpellier (France) 2’40 min

Sirena by Justine Tolois & Maryam Ghaly / ACFA Paris (France) 4’34 min

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