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Deep down, we’re all disabled

In regards to what we could be, in regards to what we’d dream to be and to do, there’s always something missing, to us all, be it even just a little bit more life, ardour, skillfulness or generosity.

That’s why, in regards to those we call “disabled” – and who really are so to us – I feel like an old brother, I don’t see a difference. That’s why, in my old age (which is also an irredeemable disability), I’m particularly happy to be a patron to this festival. And to be alongside my peers.

JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIERE, honorary patron of the IFFD

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Joann Sfar

Joann Sfar

French comic books author, illustrator, novelist and director: Patron of the IFFD

Princesse Sylvia Sisowath

Her Royal Highness Princess Sylvia Sisowath

Secretary of State in the private cabinet of His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni: Patron of IFFD

“Nobody’s perfect!”

It’s the classic (and last) catchphrase of the film Some like it hot, and we’d like to put the 2018/2019 edition of the IFFD under that patronage.

The enthusiasm that the festival generated as of its first edition goes to demonstrate its urgency and its utility.

This third edition will represent a new opportunity for anyone who’d still have prejudices, apprehensions or even fears toward disability – disabilities, to be accurate –, to come and open up to this parallel universe… that we actually share.

We invite you all to discover true film gems. Something along the lines of “everything you’ve always wanted to know about disabilities but were afraid to ask”, as Woody Allen could’ve said (Woody Allen who wrote Hollywood Ending, a film portraying a – momentarily – blind director!) As you can see, we like to take references in films, because what we are doing here is first and foremost a “film festival”, not a medical symposium).

Through these films, we hope you’ll experience different and surprising emotions. Tenderness, humour, exceptional lives, beauty… And behind the camera, directors from all over the world, all bringing along their personal and cultural vision.

This is how, without even realising it, you can change the view on disability. That’s at least our ambition and our hope.

Katia Martin-Maresco
founder and director of the IFFD

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