Our philosophy

Let cinema be a celebration for all!

We are witnessing a cultural turnover…

… and we need to be a part of it. The number of equipped rooms in cinemas is increasing; audiodescriptions available to download on smartphones are revolutionizing the programming and acquisition plans of the managers of dedicated equipment. The 800 French cinemas and their 4000 rooms are involved. Nowadays, each film released in France has 140 adapted copies. We fight for more and better audiodescription, with clear diction carried out by professionals.

Let's debate!

Every great festival has its own debate. We think it's important to maintain a national debate about the inventory and the valorisation of national and regional initiatives. The guide Cinéma et accessibilité (Cinema and accessibility), which received the support of the Direction des Publics (Public's Board) and the Direction des Salles (Rooms' Board) deserves a larger echo.
Alongside the festival, we would like to create an interactive map of France through which we would collect and publish all professional data online.

A cinematographic celebration for all!

The International Film Festival on Disability is above all else intended to be a festive event for professionals and all audiences.

The other Cannes Film Festival

“I have no mouth and I must scream”, said Harlan Ellison’s fantastic novel. I must scream, yes… or write, or sing, or dance, or play music, or swing the 100 metres freestyle, or climb mountains…

Or be an actor.

Because the International Film Festival on Disability is first and foremost a festival about cinema. It’s not about setting a catalogue or a collection of disabilities such as “disability from all angles” or “the disabled are among us”... (Sorry, I said “disabled” instead of “people with disabilities”. But do these people – because they’re essentially people – need politically correct, or do they need prostheses, help, all-terrain wheelchairs? Or do they need music, books, museums... movies?

The movies, the movies presented during the IFFD, are made by people – some disabled, yes –, about disabled people and most importantly with disabled people. We find quiet characters that are not necessarily mutes... Talkative people who are not necessarily bipolar... And artists... Or movies about artists, with artists, others with technicians... Firstly, movies: long, short, romantic comedies, philosophical tales, satires, dramas, cartoons – for children or not –, documentaries and fictions (and even science fiction!), and some gags in which we do not laugh at the disabled but with them.

Ultimately, the keyword that guides us is: with...


Marcello Zeppi

President of The Montecatini International Short Film Festival

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